Community and Educational Shows & Programs

In addition to our standing Saturday show, Storytown is available to come to YOU! 

We participate in community events as well as come to schools all around Chicagoland for special shows!  Some of the places Storytown has performed at includes; Do-Division Fest, Morton Grove Public Library, Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, Pivot Arts Festival, The Boys and Girls Club of America, and many more.

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Organization Name: Keystone Montessori

What they were looking for: Every year Keystone Montessori has there Walk-A-Thon fundraiser.  They have many fundraisers throughout the year but the Walk-A-Thon is special because this is the one fundraiser that the students actively participate in.  They do the walking and get sponsors.  As part of this, they are rewarded with some entertainment after the Walk-A-Thon.  As it would happen, Storytown had donated 4 tickets to a raffle for another fundraiser at Keystone that prompted a bidding war.  The families decided to share the tickets and see the show together.  After the show they decided we would be the perfect fit for the Walk-A-Thon entertainment.

What Storytown did for them: The day of the Walk-A-Thon we packed up our cars and brought Storytown to Keystone Montessori.  As the students were enjoying lunch, the Storytown players began their prep and hanging the backdrop so the students could draw our setting just like they would get to at the theater.  Our location for the day was ‘a castle by the sea’.  Students were able to join in the fun by becoming alligators in a conga line, helping to capture the sea dragon and revealing where the fire knights sword was hidden. The older students jumped in on the fun and became members of the finale’s wedding party.  One girl even officiated the wedding.  And that’s the way it happened.


Organization Name: Destination Imagination Improvisational Challenge Team

What they were looking for:  We were approached by a team of five 6th grade boys who compete in Destination Imagination.  They were new to the Improvisational portion of the challenge.  Previously they competed in a different categories but because of their stage presence and humor it was recommended that they try the Improv Challenge.  With the pressure of improv their coaches felt they were losing their charm and working hard to present the information they needed to for their topic.  They were turning into talking heads with no humor or sense of fun.

What Storytown did for them: Storytown was able to put together a workshop for these students to help them think on their feet and work together as a cohesive team.  We taught them the importance of “yes and.”  Storytown impressed upon them how in that situation you have to say YES! to ideas and then build on them with an AND!  When everyone accepts what is before them and works together you know you cannot fail on stage cause your team is there to make it all work.

hands in“We were all proud of what they accomplished.  It was great to see some of the things Andrew worked with them come out at competition.  For example, during their “instant challenge” portion of the competition, they were given a problem and had 5 minutes to work out their skit and solution.  One of the boys said, “Let’s do what Andrew showed us.”  They all sat in a circle and brainstormed, building on each other’s ideas.  Andrew would have been proud.” – Janene Team Coach


When you and your family (or friends, or class…) come to Storytown, you’ll take part in a truly unique and truly interactive show that engages children and gives them arts education experience from top to bottom!  We can’t wait to see you in Storytown!