Storytown is BACK!

Storytown Improv is getting ready to start its regular shows again after its annual summer break.

The shows will take place every Saturday morning at 10.30am, at Stage 773, 1225 W Belmont Ave, Chicago. The first show of the season is on Saturday, September 8, 2018.

The weekly shows in the childrens improv group’s home encourage the audience to take the lead and shape the story. You help us decide if we get whisked away to a deserted island, a castle where the royal baker has run out of flour, or a far away planet where everyone travels around on jet packs. Children not only decide on the location but come up onstage to help design the backdrop, help develop the characters, provide sound effects, and can even become a part of the action themselves.

Tickets for the show are $10 each (free for children under two), and are available to purchase from the theater on the day of the show, or in advance from the box office either online or by calling 773 327 5252.

Storytown Super Fan Attends 100th Show

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Storytown Super Fan Attends 100th Show

By Bethany Hubbard

Nine-year-old Ava Kolarich first came to see Storytown when she was only three and a half years old. On November 5, she will celebrate attending here 100th Storytown show.

What started as a fun way to spend a Saturday morning, soon turned into a weekend family tradition. “We wanted Ava to learn how to improvise,” said Ava’s mom, Kim. “When she went to the show and had so much fun, she asked to go every Saturday.”

At Storytown, the kids in the audience provide suggestions for the actors to help further the story, and they even get to come on stage and participate. Ava said she loves that the show is interactive, and enjoyable for people of all ages.



“I just really think it’s fun,” said Ava, who likes that the kids’ suggestions have a big impact on the show. “And, it’s a good way to start up acting. It can really inspire people.”

Storytown helped Ava learn how to improvise, and has even inspired her to pursue a future career in acting. “Storytown gave me the skills to be able to work in a Hollywood film that was completely improvised when I was six years old,” said Ava, who appears in the recently released feature film “Ovation!” with her mom. The film, which was shot in Los Angeles, follows a group of actors backstage in the week before they may be forced to close their theater due to economic hardship.

“Storytown has also positively impacted Ava’s development with regard to confidence, verbal skills and poise,” said Ava’s dad, Jim.

On November 5, Ava will ring her 100th show with friends and family, cake and two raffle drawings.

Whatever the future holds, Ava said what’s she learned at Storytown will play an important role. “I’ll use these improv skills through the rest of my life, even if I’m not on stage,” she said. c6415c49-1add-4866-aa40-c4ee36b0f4d4

Tickets for our Saturday shows at 10:30 am are available by calling Stage 773‘s box office at (773) 327-5252 or click to Buy Tickets Online

Shows are recommended for ages 3-10 and their whole family. Children under 2 are free.  All other tickets are $10.

*The author is a member of the Storytown cast.

Storytown Auditions

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Storytown Auditions Fall 2016

Storytown Improv is seeking improvisers who love performing for kids and can sing or aren’t afraid to sing.

Auditions will take place on Sunday November 20th 11am-2pm at Stage 773 (1225 W Belmont Ave).

Please prepare 30 seconds of any song to sing a Capella and be prepared to improvise. Auditions will be scheduled in 30 minute slots.  The 30 minutes will include your song, storytelling, and a mini Storytown show.

Please arrive to your audition a few minutes ahead of time to check in.  Bring a headshot and resume with you.  Performers with teaching experience encouraged.  Please include teaching experience on your resume.

Storytown performances are every Saturday morning at Stage 773 at 10:30AM. Call for the day is 9:30am. Saturday performances are not paid, however, there are opportunities for paid performances throughout the year.

If you have any questions regarding your audition slot of the auditions in general, please email Jill Olson at  In addition, all interested are welcome to comp tickets to a Storytown performance prior to the auditions.

Northbrook Park District

Northbrook Park District

Join the Funny with a Storytown Workshop

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Girl Scouts! Girl Scouts!

Come and join us for a whole Storytown day. You’ll be able to get up on stage and learn the fundamentals of improv and teamwork before the show!

Register now.


Recycled Art

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Storytown uses butcher paper for our backdrop every week.  Sometimes the birthday family or school takes the backdrop with them as a memento.  Sometimes we’ll cut certain pictures out so an audience member can have a souvenir of the show.  We go through so much paper.

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We can’t just throw it away!

We have decided to find ways to turn it into new art.  We met new friends at Quest Theatre Ensemble.  Throughout it’s existence, Quest Theatre Ensemble has been dedicated to being the “People’s Theatre of Chicago” by creating productions that inform, delight, inspire and unite.  In their productions they use large scale puppetry.  The other week we made a stop at their space on W. Gregory where they have free theater for the public.  We dropped off a month’s worth of paper in hopes that they would find new life as puppets.  


While our paper isn’t the right paper for the paper machete puppets,  it’s perfect for stuffing puppets to create an under structure skeleton and shape.  We’ll be working with them the end of the year to bring them more paper as they begin constructing puppets for a remount of our largest large-scale puppetry productions.  Our paper will find new life.


Do you need paper?

Let us know!  The more recycled art the better.  You can reach us at  We would be more than happy to spread the art and share.


Some New Faces Around Storytown

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New Townies

If you have been to a show before and know our actors, get ready to see some new faces.  Storytown just expanded our cast.  More actors equals more silliness and fun.  We’re so excited to introduce them to you.


Storytown brings the magic of improv and storytelling to Mitchell School

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Hello all,

As a teacher at Mitchell School, I wanted to say thank you to the moms on the Friends of Mitchell for arranging this awesome “StoryTown improv for kids” teacher experience. Many thanks as well to StoryTown and Stage773 for their generous donation toward our small school (with big dreams!) I am so glad we’ll have the chance to partner with you again for the upcoming Evening of Dreams auction–so thank you again! Please consider this to be my recommendation for the experience as well 🙂

Last spring, my fellow teacher and I had the pleasure of accompanying a handful of our students ranging from preK to 2nd grade, to see one of the Saturday morning StoryTown improv shows geared toward kids at Stage773. The students came in and we were immediately greeted with coloring and crafting right up on the stage! It was a nice way to ease into the experience and stay busy until show time. Then staff took us upstairs to tour the lighting booth! It was very cool–the kids were able to try out different buttons and nobs to change the color of the lights on the stage below the booth–they loved it 🙂 Then it was actual showtime and like regular improv, the actors had the kids in the audience suggest a setting for their show to take place–ours was a forest. The actors then called the kids back up to the stage to help with set design! They could draw whatever they thought belonged in this forest across the long butcher block paper that spanned the backdrop. This may or may not have included artistic renditions of tooth fairies, volcanoes, and flying litter boxes (“for all the cats, duh!”)–as teachers, of course we loved their ideas, even if we’ll need to review habitats.  🙂  So, the actors then managed to spin the student suggestions into a funny mini-musical where the main character realizes it’s OK to be yourself and follow your dreams (“tooth fairy turned accountant” in our show, if I recall)–while working flying litter boxes into a cohesive storyline on the spot (and they made it look easy). Off to the side of the stage, a musician played piano, scoring the show. Someone even creates costume pieces and props to add in throughout the show (improv arts & crafts!!) Finally, after taking pictures with the kids, the actors gave the kids the props/pieces as a keepsake. Just a really clever program start to finish and a great way to spend a Chicago Saturday morning with the family!

Thanks again and looking forward to doing this again for this year’s auction 🙂

Annemarie/Ms. Robinovitz, NBCT
2nd grade, Mitchell School
Elizabeth/Ms. Zyer
PreK, Mitchell School

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Mitchell School had so much fun at Storytown at Stage 773, that we felt it best to visit them at school.  Annemarie, is such a dedicated teacher and worked with us and their principal to make sure more students could see Storytown.  We picked up the show and took it on the road, and had an absolute blast.  Thank you, Mitchell School for such a warm welcome.  Your students were so creative and enthusiastic.  We’re looking forward to meeting some new students in April when they have their outing to Stage 773.

Have Storytown come to your school too!  Email for more information.