Recycled Art

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Storytown uses butcher paper for our backdrop every week.  Sometimes the birthday family or school takes the backdrop with them as a memento.  Sometimes we’ll cut certain pictures out so an audience member can have a souvenir of the show.  We go through so much paper.

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We can’t just throw it away!

We have decided to find ways to turn it into new art.  We met new friends at Quest Theatre Ensemble.  Throughout it’s existence, Quest Theatre Ensemble has been dedicated to being the “People’s Theatre of Chicago” by creating productions that inform, delight, inspire and unite.  In their productions they use large scale puppetry.  The other week we made a stop at their space on W. Gregory where they have free theater for the public.  We dropped off a month’s worth of paper in hopes that they would find new life as puppets.  


While our paper isn’t the right paper for the paper machete puppets,  it’s perfect for stuffing puppets to create an under structure skeleton and shape.  We’ll be working with them the end of the year to bring them more paper as they begin constructing puppets for a remount of our largest large-scale puppetry productions.  Our paper will find new life.


Do you need paper?

Let us know!  The more recycled art the better.  You can reach us at  We would be more than happy to spread the art and share.