Artist of the Week : The Purple Leaf Tree

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Last week we got the suggestion of Paris.  While drawing the backdrop so many of our little audience drew planes and hot air balloons and rocket ships and bird planes.  We also had a special night time section of our set.  So our course our title (built one word at a time) was “Flying around Paris at 9:00.”

Todd was so inspired by a special drawing on the wall… a purple leaf tree that gives humans animal powers.  This drawing changed the entire show!

In the opening scene Todd decides he wants to fly without needing a bike or machine to help him.  And so begins his quest for THE PURPLE LEAF TREE.  


We could not have done this story without the help from our artists in the audience who help us brainstorm with the backdrop.  At the end of the show, Alex came up on stage to show his family his picture that he drew.  His purple leaf tree.  He was so proud.  And we were so impressed by his imagination.  He made the show!  Alex was able to go home with a little souvenir.  After a picture, we cut out the tree so Alex could take it home and remember how he was a vital piece of live theater this week.  Thank you, ALEX!  We honestly could not have done this show without you.

Where will we go this weekend?  You tell us!